Hello Outpost Fans!

After a five year hiatus by Skip and the Crew, we are proud to announce that Ganja Outpost is back in business!

For those of you who may not know our roots, Ganja Outpost originally started as a concept in the early days of 1972. Back then, Skip Steele was coming off of the first major 100,000 pound loads of fresh Colombian Gold successfully imported to the United States. His escape plan was to get away to Maui for some short-term R&R, but as his love affair with the Valley Isle unfolded, Skip ended up staying on the island for years immersed in the local art scene, employing rising art masters to create cannabis and surf art that detailed some of Skip’s exciting times in early cannabis entrepreneurship.

In 2006, Ganja Outpost opened for business as the leading source of vintage marijuana artwork and retro cannabis tees. In 2010, the Outpost was temporarily closed for renovations and this year we are proud to get back to work bringing fans, both new and old alike, the highest quality, original vintage cannabis artwork and cannabis inspired products to celebrate your passion for the gift that is marijuana.

Stay tuned to the Outpost for the latest untold, true stories from the life and times of Skip Steele and the Cannabis Crew, high quality vintage marijuana artwork, and retro weed apparel developed for the passionate cannabis supporter.

We hope you enjoy the newest incarnation of Ganja Outpost! Have questions, suggestions or comments? Contact our team of heads today for answers to any of your burning questions about the Outpost….

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