Green Angel Fine Art Reproduction


Skip firmly believes that cannabis is a gift from this beautiful planet. During the height of his cannabis smuggling, Skip and his crew would keep aside a few pounds of the finest samples of the freshest bud or hash from each gig. The special herb was known among the crew as Skip’s “Green Angel”. It quickly became the herb of legends in tight smuggling communities and was shared in the highest circles of creative smuggling operations.

Medicine, Food, Clothing, Recreation. Sound familiar? Our Green Angel artwork is a tribute to the miracle that is Marijuana. A celebration of the power of cannabis and its ability to heal, inspire and restore unlike any other substance known to man.




Fine Art Reproductions are Custom Order Products. Please allow for 3-5 weeks for delivery of your artwork.

Green Angel is available in multiple sizes, and art background colors. Please choose your options above to select your custom fine art reproduction.

Please see below for more information on Art Reproduction Types:

Choose between Rolled Canvas or Stretched Canvas Art Reproductions

Additional information

Art Size

8" x 10", 12" x 16", 16" x 20", 18" x 24"

Reproduction Type

Canvas Non-stretched, 3/4" Canvas Stretched, 1 – 3/4" Canvas Stretched, Archival Textured Watercolor Paper

Background Color

White, Cream, Gold, Green, Peach, Rust, Slate, Smoke, Tan, Banana


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Enjoy the Do it in Jamaica marijuana fine art reproduction from Ganja OutpostEnjoy fine marijuana art with the marijuana artwork from Ganja Outpost.