At Ganja Outpost we’ve always believed in the magic of cannabis. From pain relief and anxiety support to treatment for serious conditions like glaucoma and cancer, the herb provides free societies with a powerful alternative to modern pharmaceutical drugs.

In recent years, as restrictions on cannabis and cannabis research have been eased, it has been discovered that cannabis helps a far larger variety of of ailments, conditions and diseases than ever imagined.

Recently we discovered an older article from 420Magazine that provides a long list of sources that detail the powerful medicinal and healing effects of cannabis across a wide variety of conditions.

As the team at 420 Magazine so eloquently related:

We have compiled the following list as a reference point for those seeking research and information on the numerous healing properties of Cannabis. This miraculous herb alleviates the symptoms of everything from hiccups to Multiple Sclerosis. When making personal decisions about your health, information is golden. It’s your body and we think it is important for you to be knowledgable about the scientific studies and anectodal evidence that supports Cannabis as a viable treatment for your ailments.

Take a look at the full comprehensive list at 420Magazine and discover the unbelievable depth of healing and restorative qualities that the cannabis plant provides to us as humble inhabitants of this planet Earth.

Explore the full article here!

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