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Born on the Ocean…Bred in high adventure

You would have to say that the “Outpost” began in Skip Steele’s mind back in the 1970’s.  The “Ganja” part was added as a nod to the first reefer that Skip was ever involved with in 1971.  That reefer was fronted to him by a friend as it had just arrived from Jamaica, hence it was truly, ganja.  When Skip “retired” for the first time in 1975, he traveled back to his home on Maui.  He had been hard at it, since the first boatload of Colombia Red buds had been offloaded by The Crew in October of 1972. Even though they had never lost a load in that entire time, things were getting a little “tight” and there were some relationships that were being tested by the stresses and excesses of the “game”.  Maui was a perfect place to unwind, relax and smoke a lot of good Maui Pakalolo.  The island was magic to Skip’s soul, and he drank in all of the blessings of the Valley Isle.

During the days in Maui, while surfing one of his favorite south side breaks Skip accidentally bumped into one of his original partners from the beach.  Skip was totally shocked when he paddled out and there sat one of his oldest friends from earlier days.  Joe Bert and Skip went way back, to the earliest days of Skip’s career.  Joe put up some money for the first Colombian Gig that Skip and the Crew put together.  They had parted ways a few years back, and never expected to meet again in the water on Maui.  It was an exciting time, Joe was in Maui surfing with friends from Oahu and Skip spent the day trading waves and smiles, just surfin’ with friends.  That night they came up to Skip’s upcountry home and sat around the fireplace before smoking their brains out on huge Maui kolas.  Thus began the halcyon days of Maui.  The months floated by, and the boys  had a rule, no talk of business, just fun.

Skip had collected a lot of art from the myriad of artists that called Maui home in those days.  One day he showed the art to Joe and they smoked some pakalolo and talked about the art.  They both loved it because it was all about the reefer.  Months later Skip and Joe started a t-shirt company on Maui, all of the shirt designs were based on surfing and marijuana.  These are the same designs and artwork that we share with you, today at Ganja Outpost.  Born on Maui in the 70’s, steeped in the lore of Marijuana Smuggling History, and brought to you by the original cannabis entrepreneurs.

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Paperbag with 30k

After selling three bales of fresh Jamaican Ganja that was fronted to him by his sister’s boyfriend, RJ, Skip Steele had a personal stash of around a pound of high quality herb and a collection [...]

A Bale for the Boy

After assisting RJ with the offloading of the Jamaican Ganja at the bridge, Skip Steele decided it was time to lay low. In this episode, Skip recounts how his next foray into “the business” [...]

Ganja Boatload

Skip Steele’s first real interaction with smuggling cannabis gigs was during an offload from his buddies share in an early Jamaica gig. In this episode, Skip recounts the surprise he [...]

BSA 175

In this episode Skip Steele and Brother Will Knox stumble into their first international smuggling operation trying to get Skip’s classic motorcycle back to the states… The Thrill of [...]

Summer of 1970

In this episode, Skip graduates from High School and heads to Europe to wander the continent, shaping his wanderlust and free-spirit on the continent from Jimi Hendrix’s final large-scale [...]

The First Spark

Like all of us, even the biggest original smugglers had to have a first time experience with the Green Angel. Learn about Skip’s first experience with the blessing of marijuana and how it [...]

Green Triumph TR4

As the “younger brother”, Skip makes connections as a child that will help to revolutionize early weed smuggling & importation in the 1970’s. Learn about the first [...]

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Our core values

At Ganja Outpost our core values revolve around peace, respect and the magic of the gift that is cannabis. Throughout our history, the Cannabis Crew embodied a strict commitment to a core philosophy which helped to shape every aspect of the team’s international smuggling exploits. Explore some of the ways that Skip’s crew stayed true to their roots as honest gentleman smugglers.

  • A Commitment to Peace – At their core, the Cannabis Crew was a group of peace-loving watermen and adventurers. They walked away from violence and violent individuals and did business with people that shared their commitment to a better, more peaceful planet.
  • Respect for Cannabis – Skip and his partners believed that Cannabis had the power to bridge gaps within society while making our planet a better, more connected place to live, work and play. After a 40 year war against this beautiful plant, it is vindicating to see the truth about the powerful positive aspects of this gift of nature being exposed for the masses.
  • No Contracts, No Guns – Skip’s crew did business that made them smile. When people involved in gigs took advantage of this kindness, Skip and his friends simply stopped working with that group. No violence, no contracts, no bad vibes.

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