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Meet legendary cannabis smuggler Skip Steele

Meet Skip Steele

Surfer, Waterman, Passionate “Pothead”. Skip Steele brought together watermen and Air Force Officers to establish the first large scale cannabis smuggling operations of the 1970’s.

Meet Captain Raymond Grady Stansel

Meet Raymond Grady Stansel

Captain Raymond Grady Stansel was an original player in the earliest days of Caribbean Cannabis Smuggling. With a career that was refined in the straits, bays and open ocean of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean beyond, Capt. Ray defined the epitome of the peaceful gentlemen smuggler in the mid-60’s and early 70’s.

Meet 1970's pot smuggler Will Knox

Meet Will Knox

Will Knox was an American Hero. From Fulbright Scholar in his early years to combat veteran with over 200 missions in the air over Vietnam, Will personified the prototype of the independent, courageous patriot that defined the American dream.

Meet 1970's Marijuana Smuggler Eric Spatz

Meet Eric Spatz

Eric Spatz was the wild card in the Cannabis Crew. A seasoned Intelligence Officer, with exceptional intelligence and enough charm to work his way into any room. Eric did the things necessary to make any mission a success.

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