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Paperbag with 30k

After selling three bales of fresh Jamaican Ganja that was fronted to him by his sister’s boyfriend, RJ, Skip Steele had a personal stash of around a pound of high quality herb and a collection [...]

A Bale for the Boy

After assisting RJ with the offloading of the Jamaican Ganja at the bridge, Skip Steele decided it was time to lay low. In this episode, Skip recounts how his next foray into “the business” [...]

Ganja Boatload

Skip Steele’s first real interaction with smuggling cannabis gigs was during an offload from his buddies share in an early Jamaica gig. In this episode, Skip recounts the surprise he [...]

BSA 175

In this episode Skip Steele and Brother Will Knox stumble into their first international smuggling operation trying to get Skip’s classic motorcycle back to the states… The Thrill of [...]

Summer of 1970

In this episode, Skip graduates from High School and heads to Europe to wander the continent, shaping his wanderlust and free-spirit on the continent from Jimi Hendrix’s final large-scale [...]

The First Spark

Like all of us, even the biggest original smugglers had to have a first time experience with the Green Angel. Learn about Skip’s first experience with the blessing of marijuana and how it [...]

Green Triumph TR4

As the “younger brother”, Skip makes connections as a child that will help to revolutionize early weed smuggling & importation in the 1970’s. Learn about the first [...]

’55 Chevy Bel Air

In this episode, Skip meets Will Knox, a critical player in what will become Skip’s Cannabis Crew in the 70’s & 80’s, for the first time. All American Boys A summer in the [...]

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