Here at Ganja Outpost, we hold a certain affinity for the beautiful island paradise of Jamaica. Afterall, Skip Steele’s first loads of imported cannabis were none other than the gorgeous Jamaican Ganja that was grown on the Northern Coasts of the island and distributed to cannabis loving potheads in the early 70’s.  As a tribute to those first loads that skyrocketed Skip’s career, we even named ourselves the Ganja Outpost!

Recently, the good people at Leafly put out a breakdown of the history of Ganja on the island of Jamaica. In it, author Lisa Rough breaks-down how Cannabis came to the island, the Birth of the Rasta movement and forward to Jamaica’s status today of being a legalized nation.

One part of the history of the island that is somewhat missing is the importance that original Caribbean Smugglers like some of Skip’s friends had on the distribution and popularization of Jamaican Ganja within American sub-cultures in the early 70’s. Without some of those original watermen, it is unlikely that places other than Jamaica would have been able to enjoy such sweet bud in the early days.

Have a look at the full article on the culture of Ganja in Jamaica



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