Here at the Outpost, we all love our furry best friends.

As dogs grow older, how perfect would it be to give them something that would help with their energy level and issues of osteoarthrtis.

In this informational article from Green Flower Media, the effects of hemp-based CBD treats are detailed, providing good insight into a possible powerful alternative for aging pets.

Via Green Flower Media:

Like any good pet owner, you’re concerned about the well-being of your furry friend.

CBD is a plant-based compound which simply mimics a compound the body already produces – more natural than most things you will find in pet stores today.

But how do you know if a CBD-infused product is actually safe?

Hemp isn’t inherently dangerous but the way in which it is grown and processed can be. With hemp products, you want to look out for heavy metal contamination as well as the usual suspects: mold, fungus, pesticides, bacteria, and mites.

Read the full article at Green Flower Media

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