Punta Roja Gig – 1972

  1. Gig Initiates out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Mid-September, 1972
  2. By the beginning of October, 6,000 pounds of beautiful, tight red bud, known to Skip and the Crew as Punta Roja was loaded on board the Everglades Lady, a converted 72 foot trawler in Santa Marta, Colombia
  3. Load is safely off-loaded off the west coast of Florida sometime near the end of October 1972

Boats Used:

“Everglades Lady” – A 72 foot Desco Converted Wood trawler. Aft deck of trawler had a converted wood room where all 6,000 pounds of Pot were stored on the long journey north. Powered by a single engine Caterpillar Diesel.

Load Significance

This was Skip’s first self financed gig. The load was Financed from profits of small time gigs after his return from Europe, Skip and his partner used this beautiful load of 6,000 pounds of Punta Roja to expand their operations in the world of Pot Smuggling.


After much research, this load seems to be one of the first large-scale loads of sweet Colombian Bud shipped out of Santa Marta in the early days of pot smuggling.

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