We support NORML. We have supported them since the 1970’s.

When there was no one else, there was NORML.

We salute Keith Stroup and everyone on the team at NORML for fighting for all us heads for all these years.

Read about why everyone who burns herb should support NORML in this article.

Via Green Flower Media:

Arguably the factor that most distinguishes NORML from other cannabis reform organizations is its focus on the individual consumer.

“Our focus reverts back to the individual, and that’s one of the ways NORML is set apart.” said Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML.

Most other cannabis organizations focus on a regulated industry, and creating an environment that allows the emerging cannabis industry to operate and thrive.

Other organizations are run by a ‘top down’ model. NORML on the other hand is driven largely by its grassroots network of chapters and activists.

Read the full article on Green Flower Media here.

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